Iyonix Select Acorn RISCOS 4

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!appbasic/gif AppBasic is a desktop tool for rapidly creating RISC OS applications. The use of AppBasic hugely simplifies the complex task of development, allowing the user to rapidly build high-quality applications.

tick/gif Applications are written in BASIC and work on every OS version from 3.10 onwards
tick/gif Applications strictly conform to the standard specified in the RISC OS Style Guide
tick/gif Applications are very efficient. (AppBasic is NOT a library so there are no overheads)
tick/gif Other than the standard RISC OS Toolbox modules no special aids or libraries are required
tick/gif The programming environment is ultra user-friendly
tick/gif There is strong integration with external, third-party development tools
tick/gif Coding is reduced to a minimum; applications only need specify what they should do in response to events
tick/gif Syntax errors are reported via error throwback
tick/gif Toolbox methods and events are referred to by name
tick/gif SWIs have alternative user-friendly veneers
tick/gif The RMEnsure commands for the Toolbox modules are automatically written