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Toolbox modules

Applications need to ensure that the Toolbox modules they require are present. AppBasic provides a tool for writing the appropriate commands automatically (to an obey file named Modules which is called from !Run)
  1. Select the Modules tool in AppBasic's toolbar (to open the Modules dialogue box)
  2. Select the option buttons corresponding to the modules required
  3. Select the RMEnsure action button to write the corresponding commands (to the application's file “Modules”)
Automatically writing Toolbox RMEnsure commands

N.B. Selecting the Resources action button automatically sets the dialogue box options to those required by the application's resources file. If the “Auto” option is selected then each time the (edit) application is run, AppBasic reads the current state of the applications resources file and updates the file “Modules” automatically.

Module versions

version/gif The Toolbox version numbers used (by AppBasic) are specified in the dialogue box which is opened by Adjust-selecting the Modules tool (above).
  • Selecting the ROM action button enters the values for the modules stored in the computer's memory
  • Selecting the System action button enters values for those stored, on disc, in the computer's system area
  • Selecting Zero sets all the values to 0.00
  • Dragging a Toolbox module file onto the window enters its value